About Us

At Eduards Home Improvement, we believe that the most attractive way to enhance the appearance of any house is by incorporating hardwood flooring.We take great delight in looking after our clients and do our best level work to ensure homeowner satisfaction. Being a top-quality wood floor firm has built us a reputation as a reliable company with both contractors and residential clients.As flooring refinishing specialists, we consider quality to be most significant and we make every effort to perform the best wood flooring refinishing procedure. The effect is a smoother, quality finish that's stronger and quite stunning.

We are focused on quality and overall customer care. We take pride in our work as well as our name,and it shows in the standard of our work.Our focus on superior products and excellent customer service sets us apart from our competition. Our clients vary from insurance firms and property management companies to small construction firms and individual home owners.

We have intensively trained personnel, specializing in both home as well as business flooring needs, to make sure that our clients buy just the things they require. We also ensure that these goods are professionally installed.

Whether you are renovating, or are only interested in new solid hardwood floors, we can help you choose the right flooring for your needs. Call us today at 703-827-3740.

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