Hardwood Flooring Repairing

Need an expert opinion on hardwood floor repair? Although they’re famous for being incredibly tough and long lasting, hardwood floors are susceptible to damage just like another flooring material. Many damaged hardwood floors can be repaired instead of refinished or replaced. Eduards Home Improvement has been offering repair of hardwood floors for many years.

You can schedule a hardwood floor repair when it has:

We'll take on any type of hardwood repair in kitchens, family rooms, living rooms, stairways and more. According to the state of your floor, we usually recommend a variety of wood floor repairs which can include:

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Sanding the plank(s)

In recent years sanding has improved, and Eduards handles everything from cutting to sanding the planks. To ensure a professional finish, we will sand and refinish once the floor has stabilized.

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Replacing planks and boards

If you get a badly damaged board in the middle of your floor Eduards can easily replace it. Our skilled professionals can do this very effectively, and guarantee there is perfect spacing between planks.

It's common for wooden floors to get damaged, regardless of whether they are solid wood or engineered flooring. Wear & tear of hardwood flooring is a concern to most homeowners, and our team understands the risk of damage. You can definitely count on our wood floor repair and restoration experts to help with cost-effective solutions.